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INSPA YOKOHAMA A Hideaway Resort for Adults


From our golden, High-Quality [Natural Springs]
welled from 1,500m below sea level,
the spacey [Far-Infrared Dome] heated with lava stones straight from Mt. Fuji,
the Bali-Style [Bedrock Bath],
the [Nano-Mist Sauna] utilizing a minimized mist particles,
there are numerous styles to choose from for you
to relax and take in the atmosphere to your liking.


Cotton Springs, Harbor Springs
Golden All-Natural Spring Bath welled from 1,500m below sea level.
Also known as the [Spring of Beauty] due to its High-Quality and density.
Take it all in with the soothing ocean view and the sea breeze.

Inner Bath
The inner bath is a smooth white bath with enveloping sunshine during the day.
Event bath for every 26th (Bath day) of the month.

Loyly Sauna
The calm interior of the authentic Finnish style "Loyly" and indirect lighting leads to deep relaxation!
Uses an auto-loyly that automatically sprinkles water on the heated sauna stone. Available for men and women. Sweat and refresh your body! Of course, you can use only the sauna.
It is said that the sweating action is promoted by the water vapor containing negative ions generated in the loyly, and it has effects such as metabolism, recovery from fatigue, and detoxification.

Bedrock Bath
Utilizes [Impala Black Stones], known for emitting Far-Infrared rays.
The surface of the Jet-Black stone is kept to optimal temperature, and we recommend starting with warming up you inner body by lying face down.
Enjoy your healing process along with the soothing aroma.
* Available in unisex or women only.
* Please dress into the proper attire designated by the establishment.

Far-Infrared Dome
The dome is warmed up by heating lava stones from Mt. Fuji in a Kiln of 800 degrees C.
The Red-Hot Lava stone radiates massive amounts of Far-Infrared rays, Vanadium and Negative Ion, warming up your body from deep within the core, reactivating your cells.
Anyone can enter the Hot Yoga & Stretch exercise held daily.
* Please dress into the proper attire designated by the establishment.

Our recommendations!

Hot Yoga & Stretch exercise

[Yoga] and [Stretching] Lessons are available free of charge on a daily basis within the dome.
The fitness trainer will lead you in an easy to follow fashion even for the First-Timers.
Please feel free to join us.

* Please dress into the proper attire designated by the establishment.

Hot Yoga & Stretch exercise Program Schedule

Overlook Terrace

The nightscape between the Bay-Bridge and Minato-Mirai is a thing of beauty that simply takes your breath away, and is one that’s also been Well-Praised by numerous critics.
During the summertime, water will be spread out for you to sink you feet into, which, in combination with the Nightscape and the Fire Objet d’art, creates a surreal atmosphere that will surely cool you down after a session within the Dome or the Lava Stone Bath.


Chef will provide you with numerous creative dishes here,
all with consideration to your [Beauty and Health] in mind and heart.
Please be sure to try out
the dining experience of [Gaza].

Restaurant [Gaza] is committed to
[Morning Harvested Seasonal Vegetables] straight from Miura Farm.

Seasonal dishes using plenty of fresh vegetables harvested the morning of that day at the Miura Farm.
Enjoy the [Appetizer Buffet] with loads of Miura vegetables for Lunch, and the vast selection of seasonal dishes for Dinner.

Lunch Menu (Tax included)

Gaza Lunch (90 minutes)

[4 Main dishes to choose from] and the [Appetizer Buffet] comprised of
[Morning Harvested Seasonal Vegetables] straight from Miura Farm.
¥1,890 (Tax included)

Select 1 main dish of the following ingredient: [Meat], [Fish], [Pasta] and [Soup]
Freely choose your sides and refreshments out of the [Appetizer Buffet]
comprised of vast selection of seasonal vegetables freshly harvested on that morning from Miura Farm, the [Drink Bar] and [Desserts].

*Sample Images

Roast pork caramel balsamic sauce

Fried chicken salad with Miura vegetables and fish

Healthy pho

Spicy curry soup with shrimp and special pork ribs

[Fried food]
Deep-fried chicken with soy sauce

Aged Top Blade Beef Steak

(Steaks ¥500~ extra)
*The contents will vary depending on that day’s availability

Lunch 11:30 to 15:00 (Last Order at 14:00) *[Apetizer Buffet] will Close at 14:30

Special Offers

Weekday Special Lunch Pack (Resort Entrance Fee + Lunch)

Restaurant Pack (Resort Entrance Fee + Lunch or Dinner)

* Please inform the staff upon entering the Resort of your Package plan.

Dinner Menu (Tax included)

Kinako-Pork Shabu-Shabu

¥2,200 (Tax included) *Can be ordered from single serving
* Kinako-Pork Spare-Rib slices (140g)
* Assortments of 5 types of Vegetables (Types may vary depending on the Seasons)
* Soba-Soup, Condiment (Grren Onions, Yuzu Pepper)
* Soba

[Additional Shabu-Shabu Ingredients]
* Add Kinako-Pork (120g) ¥990
* Seasonal vegetable platter ¥550
* Vegetable separately ¥220
* Shabu-shabu rice cake ¥220
* Chicken thigh ¥440
* Shrimp (3 fish) ¥330
* Homemade tofu ¥330
* Add soba ¥180
* Add condiments ¥110
* Ramen ¥180
* Egg ¥60
* Yuzu pepper ¥60
* [Winter only] Oysters (3 grains) ¥330

Spicy curry nabe using special
pork ribs

¥2,200 (Tax included) *Can be ordered from two serving
Stew carefully selected pork ribs and Miura vegetables in a curry soup with authentic spices.
Add cheese to make it risotto-style. (The tightening can be changed to ramen)

[Additional Curry-nabe Ingredients]
* Pork ribs ¥990
* Seasonal vegetable platter ¥550
* Shrimp (3 fish) ¥330
* Chicken thigh ¥440
* Vegetables separately ¥220
* Soup ¥220
* Shabu-shabu rice cake ¥330
* Cheese ¥180

Dinner 17:00 to 22:00 (Last Order at 21:00)

Café & Bar [INSPIRE]

Spend a Fine day in the terrace with a view

Enjoy a peaceful day in the sun on the terrace with a view of Minato-Mirai.
This is the only location where you can get the full panoramic view of this beautiful view!
The feel of the sea breeze alone will surely heal you from your daily lives.

* Dining on the terrace is only available during summertime.

Enjoy your favorite Past-Times watching games on the big screen, tossing darts

Periodical events are also held such as live performances by professional artists,
[INSPA Compa!] an INSPA-Hosted party. Also available for private parties.

Café & Bar [INSPIRE] Weekday 13:00 to 21:00 (Last Order at 20:30), Holidays 11:30 to 21:00 (Last Order at 20:30)



Access Details

Countecy Bus Countecy Bus Schedules are as follows

15-2 Yamanouchi-cho, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama,
Kanagawa Prefecture 〒221-0054

[Courtesy Bus Stops]
・Yokohama Station East Exit (Amano Building)
・Higashi-Kanagawa Station/Nakakido Station (Near Underpass)
・Minato MIrai Station (TSUTAYA)
・Shin Takashima Station
・Takashima Chuo Kouen [Takashima Central Park] (Urban Tower)

[Travelling by Train]
・Courtecy Bus available from JR Higashi-Kanagawa Station/
Keikyu Nakakido Station (5 min intervals)
・Public Bus available from Yokohama Station (10 min intervals)

[Travelling by Automobile]
・Apprix. 5 min from Higashi-Kanagawa I.C. Metro Express
Veer towards Mizuho Wharf from [Kanagawa 2-chome]
intersection on National Highway 15.
(Turn Left if coming from Kawasaki)
Turn right on the 2nd light [Chiwakacho 2-chome],
then proceed down the path.

*200 Car Parking Space Available
¥150 for up to 3 hrs, ¥300 per 30 min extensions



1-day Spa
Mon 10:00 to 23:00, Tue 10:00 to 23:00, Wed 10:00 to 23:00, Thu 10:00 to 23:00, Fri 10:00 to 23:00 Sat 10:00 to 23:00 *Day Closed: Every Third Thu. of the month

Spa Resort Rates

For First-Timers

1-Day Resort Rates

Normal Rate, Short Entry

*All Resort Plans include rental fees for [1 Resort Ware], [1 Bath Towel] and [1 Face Towel]. *Many other amenities are available for your use.

Many other combination Plans including the Entry Fee is available.

Course, Fee (Tax included), Details, Duration
Lunch Pack Cafe Pack Restaurant Pack Refresh Pack Akasuri Pack Head therapy Pack Mini-Luxurious Plan Luxurious Plan

We can create various Gift Cards for all occasions such as Birthdays and Anniversaries. Consultations on othercombinations other than the listed above are also available. Please feel free to contact us via phone. TEL: 045-451-4301